The Adriatic coast of Salento is chiefly characterized by sheer cliffs on a pure, peaceful sea, a paradise for lovers of diving, surfing and kite surfing. For those who love a sea life there are so many bays that are more tranquil and a succession of beaches yet fortunately saved from housing development. The interior also offers jewelry in the Baroque style and heritage of culture and traditions of the Messapians and the Magna Grecia. Along the Adriatic coast, starting from Brindisi, with sandy beaches and low cliffs, meet the resort of Torre Rinalda, which takes its name from the old tower, Torre Chianca and Frigole. Just 11 km from Lecce, we arrive at the small marina of San Cataldo beach of Lecce, with the nearby Oasis of Gesine protected area managed by the WWF. The entire Adriatic coast of Salento is a succession of beautiful beach resorts. An area of Italy among the finest for those who want a beach holiday of sun, sport, entertainment and good food.