Nearby Udine we can, for example, visit the Aquileia, a city of art that boasts an archaeological site and a Patriarchal Basilica so extraordinary for their historical significance and artistic heritage of humanity to be considered. The Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta is a masterpiece began in the second century and expanded over the centuries with new structures that have incorporated the above to create the majestic building that now we can visit.

The ancient Basilica of Aquileia reveals tourists valuable evidence of past ages, we think of the early Christian mosaics and those of the Crypt of the excavations, the frescoes in the crypt dating from the IX century and the graves of the Patriarchs.

Another city in the province of Udine Cividale del Friuli is interesting that rises about twenty kilometers from the capital, at the foot hills of the Julian Alps. The city chosen as the seat of the Patriarchate in the Middle Ages, reveals numerous testimonies left by the Romans, Celts and Lombards, among which the Celtic Hypogeum and the Lombard Temple.

Mountain lovers can enjoy the beauty of Carnia which offers numerous facilities for winter sports and more modest relief for relaxing walks, not to mention the spas where refreshments and local restaurants in which to sample the many specialties of the cuisine of Friuli.

If, however, you prefer the sea in the southern part of the province of Udine is no shortage of great attraction seaside resorts, such as the famous Lignano Sabbiadoro, one of the most popular resorts of the Adriatic Sea and for the purity of its waters for many entertainment offered to vacationers.