Over 180 miles of land bordering the Adriatic: this is the length of the Marche coast, the beautiful strip of land on the sea of the Marche. From Gabicce Sea at the mouth of the Tronto, in the vicinity of San Benedetto del Tronto: organized beaches and avant-garde tourist promenades filled with nightclubs, bars and restaurants, historic towns reminiscent of Roman history, are some of the highlights of this beautiful area of Italy, often under fire, especially during the summer, tourists from the beautiful country and abroad. The Marche coast, although it is one of the first goals of maritime Italy, has little to envy to other parts of Italy as well as a beautiful coastline, it also boasts some important historical cities, visited primarily for their art and their architecture. Places like Ancona, Pesaro, Fano boast churches and monuments of undisputed fame, just to give an example. As in the rest of Italy in the Marche also eating well is a must. The cuisine of this region is in part influenced by the regions adjacent to the Marches, such as Emilia Romagna and Abruzzo and is undoubtedly tasty and flavorful. Are ubiquitous fish dishes, about the close proximity to the sea, the Adriatic. The indoor kitchen ranges than the coast: in place of the fish take up space on the tables truffles blacks and whites, or fungi.