LA RONCOLE DI GIUSEPPE VERDIFortunino Giuseppe Francesco Verdi, son of Charles, host and grocery retailer, and Luigia Uttini, spinner, was born October 10, 1813 in a house-inn at Le Roncole, a fraction of Busseto, town in the province of Parma. It ‘was an Italian composer author of melodramas that are part of the repertoire of theaters around the world. It is considered one of the most famous Italian composers of all time. Even today in the village you can visit the birthplace of Verdi, a museum where you can trace the life of the famous composer. In January 2001, during the celebrations for the centenary of Verdi’s death the town of Busseto has completed a restructuring of the educational-museum of the birthplace of the composer, providing it with explanatory panels and modern audiovisual and computer. On the front of the house a tombstone dating back to 1872, recalls how the Marquis Pallavicini, former owners of the building, had ordered that the building remained in its original state. On the death of Verdi in 1901, the poor Roncole benefited from the beloved countryman did put a plaque on the facade to honor his memory. Only a dozen years later, in 1913, to coincide with the first anniversary of his birth in the front garden of the house was placed a bronze bust of the composer, the work of sculptor Cantu.