LA SCOPERTA DELLA GROTTA DEL VENTOThe systematic research in the area of Frasassi began in 1948, thanks to the activity of the Speleological Group Marches of Ancona, but only after 1966 searches in the River Cave became more assiduous, until September 25, 1971 Rolando Silvestri and other members of the Italian Alpine Club Speleological Group Marches of Ancona, on the northern slopes of Mount Vallemontagnana discovered a small entrance leading into a tiny room. Nothing special if it were not that some cracks in the wall protruding significant air currents, a kind of subterranean wind.
After a few days of excavations failed to make inroads in a narrow and hence to slide toward the edge of a blank from which dropped a stone. The echo delay made them realize the depth of the cave, which they calculated over a hundred meters, a cavity which would then baptized Ancona Abyss. The discovery aroused great enthusiasm among the members of the group: the beautiful Grotta Grande del Vento in a little while would be delivered to the admiration of mankind.
To descend from the summit almost Ancona Abyss (pictured at right), were necessary special equipment and when the cave Ancona finally touched the bottom of the cave lights immediately put in evidence the splendor and singular beauty of this amazing underground world. A universe that the general public could see for the first time September 1, 1974 when it officially opened over two hundred meters of the tunnel, excavated in the rock, which made it possible to access the Abyss Ancona and almost a thousand meters of path directly from Frasassi Gorge.