LA SEDIA CAMPANINAThe work of carpenters, called “Bancalari”, was developed in Chiavari since the sixteenth century, a period when the city was one of the most important centers for the disposal of raw wood in Liguria. The art of carpentry has a long and glorious tradition in Chiavari and thanks to the intense activity of its artisans the Ligurian town could always retain a certain autonomy with respect to capital, as regards the production of wooden furniture. The Genoese Bancalari instead tended to establish a climate of rigid protectionism to safeguard their own interests. Only in the first 800 years, thanks to the intuition and skill of the craftsman Giuseppe Gaetano Descalzi, the son of a cooper and grandson of the bell of the church of Bacezza (so called the “campanino”), was born Chiavari Chair ( chiavarina or campanina) destined to become world famous for elegance and functionality. He changed some chairs that the Marquis Stefano Rivarola, governor of Chiavari for the Republic, had brought back from a trip to Paris. The campanino worked mainly with beech and cherry, because of the slightly lower specific gravity; Wood Chiavari wild mountains of the hinterland, seasoned in a certain way. Lightness and strength, the characteristics that have made it famous in the world Chiavari chair and admired ripped a definition (“A miracle of technology and elegance”) even the sculptor Antonio Canova. The chair is still produced in accordance with the original construction technique that makes it unique in the line and suitable for any decor.