LA STORIA DEL PROFUMIERE CHE DIFFUSE L'ACQUA DI COLONIA NEL MONDOGiovanni Maria Farina was born in Santa Maria Maggiore l ‘December 8, 1685 and was the Italian perfumer that spread throughout the world the Eau de Cologne (to invent it was John Paul Feminis).
The perfume was created and launched by Farina in vogue at the courts of the eighteenth century that were so numerous imitations and the name Eau de Cologne became the generic term for a whole class of perfumes.
The name derives from the Eau de Cologne dedication of its inventor to the German city that had become his new home. Thanks to him, the center of the Rhine became famous all over the world.
Farina with his brothers moved to Germany as a result of an uncle who had worked with merchant Feminis. When this came to miss the brothers divided the inheritance and Gian Maria remained folders uncle and the formula of the Aqua Mirabilis able to heal the most varied diseases of which he had heard so much about but had not yet had the expected success , given its very bitter taste.
Here the intuition of flour that ingentilì the formula dulling the flavor with local herbs and using alcohol originated from the fermentation of grapes.
The success was immediate, so that was also approved as a medicine by the scholars of the University of Cologne. The perfumer Jean Marie began to be called following the fashion that he wanted the French idiom of the noble classes and the bourgeoisie and its economic conditions improved so much that he opened a small factory Jülichs Square, now known as Farina-Haus. Not long in coming, however, the first counterfeits crisis that began in his business.
It was the period of the Seven Years’ War, the French invaded the Rhineland and became great admirers of the product by calling Farina Eau de Cologne. It was thanks to the soldiers who lost the character of the fragrance to become tonic medicine and perfume, and as such helped to spread his fame throughout Europe.
Farina died in Cologne in 1766.