TORRE PISAThe Tower of Pisa is not only the bell tower of the Cathedral, but also the most characteristic building of the city. Mainly, owes its popularity to its unique slope, which has made it famous throughout the world and has recently forced the city of Pisa to a complex renovation work, for which it was kept closed for more than ten years. Not only is its inclination to make the bell tower of the Cathedral a particular building. Even its location secluded from the Duomo, in fact, is quite unusual. Probably his unknown architect (Bonanno and Gherardo di Gherardo are the most accredited) conceived it, to the detriment of its “subordinate” to the cathedral, as a point of reference of the then complex of Piazza dei Miracoli, which can become visible thanks to the tower from every part of the city. It would explain so its considerable size and its distance from the Duomo. Its construction dates back to 1173, was interrupted several times, probably because of land subsidence that prevented it from ever remain perpendicular to the ground. However, at the time a similar phenomenon happened more often than you might think. The insufficient documentation available did not help the scholars to complete the picture of the transactions that have taken place over two hundred years. However, it gives now for sure that the original conception of the tower did not provide the absolutely incredible inclination that it has increased the notoriety.