LA VALLE INCANTATA DEI MOCHENIAn enchanted valley for its natural beauty, rich in history and tradition, inhabited by Mòcheni community of German origin.
The Valley of Mòcheni is the island in the German-speaking Trentino. It ‘also called enchanted valley to the magnificent natural scenery, fascinating in every season, where they develop trails through meadows and forests surrounded by the peaks next to the 2,400 meters of the western part of the Lagorai. From the top of Palù you can enjoy breathtaking views over the underlying Valsugana. Among the most beautiful places is to be quoted Erdemolo Lake, at 2,000 meters, which is about a 2 hour journey.
Which is just over 20 km from Trento, the Valley of Mòcheni is also characterized by the culture and traditions of the people, a German minority who moved to this area in the Middle Ages, drawn from the mines of gold, pyrite and quartz. There are many legends and stories emerging from these historical facts. To visit the Museum of the Valley of Mòcheni / Bernstol and the mine exhausted of Palu / Palai, where you can still see the marks left by Knappen (miners) who worked there.