VILLA NAPOLEONICA DI SANMARINOVilla of San Martino, the summer residence of Napoleon, is located in the countryside, about 5 km from Portoferraio. The majestic neoclassical architecture that greets the visitor is due to the Count Anatole Demidoff, husband of Napoleon’s niece Matilda of Monfort, who in 1851 wanted to build an environment worthy of the imperial era that could accommodate his collection of Napoleonic memorabilia.
The Demidoff Gallery at the foot of the original residence and inside you can admire the original Galatea, which seems to put Paolina Borghese, sculpted by Canova and originally intended to embellish the gardens of the Villa of the Mills. The original Napoleonic residence extends above the Demidoff Gallery. The exterior architecture is very simple embellished inside with two floors of rooms and halls designed by Wattles and painted by Vincenzo Antonio Revelli in Turin. Worthy of note are on the second floor, the Egyptian room, where an octagonal contains papyrus plants and the walls are a trompe l’oeil of the Egyptian campaign, and the room Love Knot, destined to dining room, whose fresco on the ceiling symbolizes the love between Napoleon and Marie Louise, symbolized by two doves away, tighten the knot of love.