ACQUARIO DI CATTOLICAThe uniqueness that distinguishes the Aquarium of Cattolica starts from its location within the complex built in the ’30s to signature of the architect. Clement Busiris Vici, such as marine colony XXVIII October to accommodate the children of Italians abroad. Known as “Le Navi”, a name derived from the design of the buildings, whose shapes and their arrangement, recall a dynamic fleet ready to sail the sea, is considered a cultural and architectural heritage at the international level.
There could be no better place to pay homage to the sea. And the sea and its relationship with the man are the elements which inspire all paths of Aquarius represented by 4 different exhibition areas of which the main one is represented by the diverse marine world with over 3000 animals of 400 different species of fish coming from all the world’s seas.
3,000 specimens of 400 species of the most diverse marine life in the Mediterranean Sea and tropical seas, are shown in more than 100 display tanks. Since the life cycle of jellyfish which you can admire all the evolutionary phases, Fegghy the great sea turtle tub overlooking the Mediterranean, the giant moray eels in ‘habitat of a wreck along with large brown and Redfish Red Groupers, the Seahorses, the Piranhas carnivores and herbivores, the colorful clownfish and the cardinals of the Moluccas are just a few examples of the underwater universe to explore. The strength as well as the main attraction of the Aquarium of Cattolica are sharks, they are hosted about 60 specimens of 16 different species, including tropical and Mediterranean; starting from the largest bull sharks, more than 3 meters, the smallest dogfish, shark dishes with wings, until the last arrived, the baby sharks hammer typical of the reef. Sharks – defined the terrible predators of the sea – are also among the species at greatest risk of extinction, due to a massive and indiscriminate fishing called finning, (it is the withdrawal of the sun fins, used for culinary uses), is abundant in Eastern and paid very cheaply. Just to know them better, since 2003, the Aquarium of Cattolica is the only structure at European level, where you can interact with bull sharks through the experience of “face to face” a real diving, which is done by appointment at ‘inside the big tub of 700,000 liters, protected by a cage and in complete safety. This experience as well as that in the large touch pool with sharks plates, (stingrays and rays) that caressed, allows visitors to establish a relationship of interaction with respect to these species, develop emotional and behavioral changes, especially to respect them, greater knowledge and therefore a propensity to protect them. Interaction becomes even moment to admire the extraordinary power that the staff need in aquariological times and days fixed sharks (Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 14.30) to piranhas and stingrays (Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11.30 and 12, 30). A special attention is devoted to ‘Asylum of sea turtles, in collaboration with the Naples Zoological Station Anton Dohrn, and the detached section Turtle Point. A protected environment that provides a temporary period of convalescence in young turtles kept, before returning to sea. Other discoveries of the marine environment are offered by animations and movies as the more specific “Invisible Ocean” on a 3D system dedicated to the marine food chain, which tells very special effects with the perfect balance between species.