LAGO D’AMPOLAThe Lake Ampola represents an environment of extreme interest from the point of view of nature: it is one of the few stretches of water that lies in its natural state and is home to a wide variety of animals and plants.
The Lake Ampola, beautifully nestled in the Val di Ledro the edge of the western Trentino, formed by damming the flood, is one of the few examples of a lake that lies in the natural state, in its perimeter surrounded by concentric bands of vegetation.
Lake, because of its natural characteristics, preclude bathing but it is the ideal environment for plants and aquatic birds, amphibians and reptiles that find refuge.
Here the visitor can approach and observe nature while walking on the elevated walkway that runs along the lake. At the end of the course the Visitor Center offers a virtual tour to learn about and discover the aquatic world of the lake … suitable for children.
The Autonomous Province of Trento protection, with its law 68 small areas of particular natural and environmental interest, as defined in the Provincial Nature Reserves. These strips of Nature, almost untouched by the work of transformation of the territory operated by humans, provide shelter for the survival and reproduction of many plant and animal species.
In these areas, land, vegetation and fauna, among them in balance, form diverse and complex ecosystems, true oasis of naturalness in an environment shaped elsewhere in agricultural areas, industrial or urban.