An island of sand, shells and green, situated in the northern Adriatic, suspended between Venice and Trieste, Friuli tied to a thin road that crosses its picturesque lagoon. It was once an important Roman port for trade with the East, Grade (from the Latin “gradus,” quay) is perhaps the oldest tourist resort in the Mediterranean. Dates back to 1892 its inclusion on the official list of the places of care of the Austro-Hungarian Empire with the title of “Spa Marina.”
Here life still flows with the simple rhythm of the places of the sea. Among walks along the waterfront and in the streets of the old town, interesting visits to the Roman and early Christian basilicas, suggestive wanderings in the lagoon – now protected natural oasis, full of mysteries and legends – or maybe leaving groped by the flavors of the Adriatic. All different occasions, these, to enjoy unique sensations, can anyone reconcile with you the most authentic and natural existence.
Able, in splendid isolation from urban and industrial areas which we are accustomed, is lapped by ocean currents constant from one side and from its beautiful lagoon on the other. It is the latter to give rise, for beneficial effect of the multiplication of the solar rays, peculiar to that climate and beneficial, characterized by a high concentration of iodine and healthy. A mild climate, warm and temperate, never muggy, able to offer a comfortable stay for most of the year.