The Upper Molise is an interesting attraction for anyone in search of nature, history, tradition, natural foods and characteristic. The area is striking for its originality, the natural environment completely untouched, for lifestyle modelled according to the natural rhythms of the earth and to spread the ability to store and reproduce ancient rites and legends. No less attractive is the presence in archaeological remains and ancient architectural structures, traces of important historical events to which the Alto Molise was the setting. This mixture of elements in which nature and culture harmoniously welded ensures a pleasant surprise even the most experienced traveller and curious. The path leads to the discovery of some of the most beautiful landscapes of Molise. Going from Pescolanciano, with its medieval castle, climb sharply in Apennine environment, dominated by mountain peaks and forests of tall trees. The route then offers a series of “twists” that make it even more exciting, thanks to the many scenic spots that dot the route.