The wide alluvial fan of Val Leogra around Schio is interessanto by the rapid flow of water Pasubio-Novegno-Summano where, lying in plain demarcation between the pre-Alps and closed in the shape of ‘gulf’, are triggered major storms. Just the popular saying ‘Schio urinal of God’ to understand everything.
The huge and sudden mass of water overlaps, just below, the line of demarcation between high and low plain, the line of springs (Dueville) where, due to a large fold just below the rocky alluvial deposits, the spring waters emerge the paleo river bed of the Brenta.
The release in the spring waters of the river Bacchiglione Leogra-Timonchio north of Vicenza, Retrone of the stream that runs through the historic center of Vicenza and the stream-Tesina Need to Astico the south of Vicenza, just before the complicated and delicate knot Longwood branches of the river where the channel that bypasses Bisatto south of the Euganean Hills, forms the basin of the river Bacchiglione. River abnormal, because of the devastating floods that afflict always Vicenza, the plain between Padua and Vicenza and Padua itself.