Located in the historic Val di Noto, Siracusa province, occupies an area not very large but densely populated. Ortigia, the historical center of Syracuse, is a small island entirely surrounded by the sea. Despite not having long and sandy beaches, it still offers the opportunity to enjoy its splendid sea thanks to the sun created between its cliff. A ‘unrivaled experience for each of you will swim in the blue sea of Ortigia having as scenery, ancient palaces and monuments. Also joining the Syracuse are also the large area of the marine protected Plemmirio, a favorite destination for those who love the sea, really clean and transparent to be able to see the seabed from the surface, but also by those who do not like crowded beaches , for those who love to enjoy nature. The Plemmirio is also ideal for diving enthusiasts just because the extraordinary underwater beds are rich in every marine species that inhabits the Mediterranean.