LE CERAMICHEAs for fabrics, ceramics and pottery tradition of Romagna are lost in the mists of time. The drawings, details, come from distant times, but often have been renovated by craftsmen and artists of great value, however, following the typical patterns of printed fabrics. The coarse crockery lends itself to decoration with motifs and colors. Pitchers and jars curves follow the same for centuries: beautiful things to see and use. There are fine shops, each with its own style: you will find them in different municipalities, among which it is worth mentioning Modigliana Sarsina Gambettola, Cesena, Forli. Things to see and finally, in the Museum of Ceramics in Forli, a collection of ceramics forlivesi in much of the ’400, a time when the production town fought for fame and prestige that of nearby Faenza, who became famous only by the next century.