The metalliferous hills are the main and most extensive hilly Tuscan dell’Antiappennino extremely rich underground mineral resources of various types and locally even geothermal energy sources that are manifested in the form of geysers.
Already at the time of the Etruscans were known and exploited for mineral deposits and mining operations continued and incessant always reached its peak between the second half of the nineteenth century and especially after World War II when they were exploited deposits of lignite.
In order to conserve, restore and enhance this heritage-environmental-cultural and technical science was established the Technology Park and the archaeological hills that you can visit in cultural tourist circuit which includes cities of medieval flavor of the val Cornia and archaeological sites of the Etruscan Coast.
A strip of land located opposite the Island of Elba, behind the town of Piombino, which continues toward the promontory and into the sea, as if to seek the ancient conjunction with the Tuscan Archipelago.
This land, largely removed from the ponds and swamps that characterized its coasts until the last century, is now a stunning environmental and cultural heritage of evidence. Here unfolds the Wine Road of the Etruscan Coast and born of the Val di Cornia DOC.