LE DELIZIE DI SAURISThe kitchen Sauris is based on a few dishes, poor ingredients, but loved by gourmets all over the world for the quality of its products: the popular ham, worked in local companies according to the age-old techniques of conservation, but also cheese and beer.

For over a century, the quality of this product is indisputable: the special climate of Sauris, combined with skilful smoke, do exceed the purely regional companies with a rapid expansion in the Italian market and abroad. To meet all the demands, the production capacity has increased considerably in the new millennium, to the benefit of the commercialization of all products characteristic: in addition to ham PGI, we must not forget the bacon, ossocollo, salami, bacon, lard, the sausage and sausages.

The quality standards of cheesemaking remain unchanged over time, although the number of active pastures has been resized than once.
The particular geological formation of the valley Sauris conferred grass pastures wealth that makes dairy products unmistakable taste and aroma. Cheese, fresh and smoked ricotta and butter can be purchased in the summer pastures at 1500 meters above sea level.

In the area of Sauris produces and markets a high-quality craft beer (Beer Zahre), integral, not pasteurized nor filtered.
The love for this product, so “different” for these areas, makes the beer more natural and valuable, thanks to the quality of the water that comes and pours fresh and crisp from the sources: rich in minerals, away from the smog and air pollution present in the industrial centers, the purity of the water joins the natural balance of its physico-chemical characteristics, does not need any further additional treatment.