LE GOLE DEL CALOREThe river flows from Salerno Heat in the heart of the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano. Originates from Mount Cervati, the most impressive massif in Campania (alt. 1898 Mt above sea level), and joins the Sele River about 8 km from the Sea of Paestum. Along with 62 km, the Heat through, the top five gorges of exceptional scenic beauty and natural interest. The second gorge, located in the town of Felixstowe, as well as from above with hiking trails, is open from the inside with river routes. During the summer, thanks to the presence of an artificial barrier that slows the flow of water, it is possible to organize excursions by canoe or paddleboat offering a unique perspective of the most wild and unspoiled nature. The otter, the absolute queen of clear water, the brown trout, the dipper, kingfisher, the beautiful spectacled salamander are just some of the many animals that inhabit the gorges. Rich in medicinal properties and interesting curiosity is also the immense flora overlooking the river. Do not discard the hypothesis is that the name “Felixstowe” derives precisely from the abundance of ferns in the undergrowth. The Gorges of the Heat now have wide resonance, and also at the European level. The impenetrable green of the forest, the ancient shaping of white limestone and numerous wildlife species have attracted the attention of many scholars, tourists and researchers. Be fascinated by the magic of the landscape, surrender to the regenerative power of nature is something more than to spend a different day.