LE GROTTE DEL BUE MARINOThe Caves of the Sea Ox are located in the coastal municipality of Dorgali in the eastern part of Sardinia. Their name dall’appellativo in the Sardinian language of the monk seal, marine mammal considered now disappeared from the area because of excessive human pressure.
15 kilometers long, after a common entrance, the cave branches out two distinct sections: the north and south. In the north the karst activity is ceased while it is still active in the southern branch, the one where it is open to the public along a path 900 meters. This visitor is formed by a large gallery and is full of stalactites and stalagmites that are reflected in the clear waters of a large underground lake salty (over 1 km of the surface, which is considered among the largest in the world) and forming color effects with multiple shades .
This area ends at the beach of seals, the place where the monk seal is reproduced and the place where the fresh water fed by several underground rivers mingle with the sea water. The cave continues for several kilometers within the karst plateau of Supramonte, with daglispeleologi underwater environments considered very beautiful.
The cave is also important from the archaeological point of view. On one wall of the first part of the petroglyphs have been found dating back to the culture of Ozieri representing a dance around a particular carving considered by scholars a representation of the solar disk. They can be reached by sea and the nearest port is to Cala Gonone, or with a walk of 50 minutes.