LE GROTTE DI CASTELLANAThe natural entrance is represented by a huge sixty meters deep chasm called La Grave, the local dialect means a great chasm. From here you can reach the White Cave. All made from beautiful stalactite and stalagmite concretions and intercalated by the opening of a sudden galleries of beautiful caves.
In the past it was known only to the first cavity of the huge complex, called the grave, which is used by farmers as a deposit because they thought it was the mouth of hell. Animals fell into the cavity, and a fall so high surely led to his death. And the death of the animals causing bad smell coming out of the cavity. In addition, the corpses of animals produce gas, which were trying to get in contact with the cold wind outside and why they were sent back into the cavity. This process peasants were led to believe that the gases were the souls of sinners died and gone to hell trying to get out of hell, but were pushed in by forces ambiguous.
For their conformation and spectacular visual impact the Caves of Castellana were the scene of movie sets of different genres, from L ‘Age of’ love (1953, with Aldo Fabrizi and a very young Terence Hill), a Casanova 70 (1965, Mario Monicelli, starring Marcello Mastroianni and Virna Lisi) to Alien 2 on Earth (1980, Ciro Ippolito) and the Voyage of the Bride (1997, directed by and starring Sergio Rubini, flanked by Giovanna Mezzogiorno).
It is not easy to remain indifferent after all, the first time that we are witnessing the spectacle of the abyss of the Grave, incredible size: this is nothing more than the first cave system as well as the only one to communicate with the outside world. The eyes of dreamers, at this point, can imagine incredible adventures that took place in this place, a bit like a “Journey to the Center of the Earth”, but only dictated by a fervent imagination. The first approach allows to realize closely how amazing being in front of a display of natural character, 100 meters long and sixty wide.
Like in the movies more adventurous, then, we should look up and find a profusion of stalactites and stalagmites, and along the way a kind of natural monuments reign from their pile of lime deposits. They are very similar to buildings that are located outside, such as the Duomo or the Leaning Tower of Pisa, for example, but even in this case it is the imagination that helps us to live a fun experience.