LE INCISIONI RUPESTRI DELLA VAL CAMONICAThe rock carvings of Valcamonica, rich over 300,000 figures carved on the rock walls, are considered as the most important example of rock art in Europe. In the area of Capo di Ponte has the highest concentration of engraved rocks of the Valley and it is for this reason that after studying the ’20s and ’30s, the Archaeological Superintendence of Lombardy in 1958 established the National Park Naquane. The engraved rocks testify to the life of the ancient Camuni who lived in this area since 8000 years before Christ, and in the Paleolithic until more recent times such as the Roman domination. The oldest period, the one that goes up to 6000 BC, is characterized by figures of animals, particularly deer, engraved in a very simple way with rudimentary tools of siliceous rock.