Le MainardeThe mountain range of the Mainarde extends along the border between Lazio and Molise, with a prevalence in the region of Molise. It is a natural barrier very rocky and wild and rugged-looking, which rises sharply with walls and overhangs. And it is in fact precisely in this area that we find the highest peaks of Molise, with Mount Sea, 2,124 meters, and the Metuccia of 2,105 meters, which exceeds both the height of the summit of Mount Miletto, 2,050 meters, the highest peak of the Matese. Other mountains of great importance are the Monte Ferruccia, at 2000, Mount Brown, at 1,805 meters above sea level and Mount Piana with an altitude of 1,200 metri.La Mainarde chain is separated from the Matese from the river Volturno , which flows into Tirreno.Il view of the mountains Mainarde remains unique for its natural characteristics, for the vision of bright peaks for silence and solitude unmatched in the valley, for the integrity of the places, devoid of any sign of technological development often oblivious to the surrounding environment. Animated only by the activities of man as a secular and traditional agriculture or pastoralism remains an enchanting scenery in every season, full of history, natural jewels, silence and deep valleys, interrupted only by the passage of streams and small clusters that retain traces of ancient cultures. And of old-growth forests always wonderful, even magical with the spectacle of the snow.
In the upper part of the chain are vast areas of beech, with maples of different type, which alternate with poplars. Going the other hand there are extensive forests of oak, with maples and hawthorns. On the sides that receive the most sunlight also grow oak, hornbeam and hazel woodland vegetation typical of the Apennines. The mildness of the climate, southern exposure and proximity to mountain ranges and river systems typical of the south favored the penetration of more thermophilic species, and even elements of the Mediterranean, such as the holm oak (Quercus ilex), on the slopes more Favorite Mainarde.
Protagonist and undisputed ruler of the superb mountain scenery is definitely the Marsicano brown bear with its characteristics of a bear and lonely wanderer. Next to the bear to be reported surely the presence of the wolf, often reported in herds constantly moving in search of prey.
Mainarde but also provide an ideal habitat for the Abruzzo chamois – which often descends along the ridge, going in the winter as the doors of the houses – for deer and roe deer.
Speech in part perhaps deserves the boar, since even for missing until about 20 years ago and today it very much present to cause serious damage to local farmers.
They are of course also worth mentioning the golden eagle, the kite and the kite, and the peregrine falcon.
Among the many reptiles should mention the small and rare meadow viper, which was found on the slopes of Meta, while among the amphibians the delicate spectacled salamander, also present in the park near the WWF Guardiaregia.