LE PORTATRICI CARNICHECarnia is a historical region – geographical Friuli Venezia Giulia northern part of the province of Udine and the border with Austria. It is a mountainous region, occupied largely by the Carnic Alps, rugged and isolated. The history of the Carnic Bearers is still poorly understood and is a pride for the inhabitants of these areas. Their story takes place between August 1915 and October 1917 when the front of the First World War ran from the sources of the Piave to those of Natisone. The front consists of 31 battalions, it was so vital as to be placed directly under the Supreme Command. The first line of the front was in the high mountains and the only way to transport supplies, stocked with ammunition, medicines and tools was “shoulder” following paths and trails. The men were all committed to the front, so women of the area did not hesitate to pick up the desperate call of the Army Corps of Engineers with the words: “Anin, breast Chei biadaz to murin encje fans” (Come on, otherwise those poor people also die of hunger) . It was composed as a body of auxiliary formed by women aged between 15 and 60 years. They were provided with a school record of work on which the military personnel at various stores marked the presences, the journeys, the equipment carried on each trip. They were also equipped with a red bracelet stamped with the same number of the book and with the indication of the military unit for which they worked. For each trip they received compensation of 1.50 pounds cents. A Timau is a unique monument that we wanted to build in memory of outstanding enterprise of the Bearers. It is named after Maria Plozner Mentil, “soul” and guide enthralling the bearers of Carnia, shot dead by a sniper on Feb. 15, 1916.