And with this name we group the valleys Pellice, Chisone and Germanasca. The occupied territory stretches from the slopes of Mount Granero to the ridge that reaches from Sestriere up to the plain of Pinerolo and sees in dell’Orsiera summit (2,878 m) its highest point.
Territories rich in culture and history devoid of mountains and walls eccelsamente famous, but have seen a remarkable development skiing and hiking.
Numerous summer and winter itineraries that depart from the basin of the Pra where the Rifugio W. Jervis is placed as a base for the main alpine activities, from snowshoeing to ice entertained, from the most simple to complex multi-day trek.
The group of Monviso valley compre ideally territory from Colle della Maddalena to the Po valley. The symbol and the main center of the activity is obviously in Monviso although we should not forget the possibilities offered by neighboring valleys and mountains that surround the King of stone. Just in winter, when snows do not allow an easy climb to the “Face” is the valley Maira Varaita that are populated by ski mountaineers and ice climbers who are in these valleys still untouched by mass tourism winter, ideal soil for their activities.