LE VILLE LUCCHESIThe villas of Lucca, or buildings in the villa, they find themselves in the countryside and in the hills surrounding the plain of Lucca and still represent a wealth of remarkable beauty. The villas of Lucca were built from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century as a summer residence alternatives to winter in the city at the behest of the upper classes of the city of Lucca. These prestigious homes are still for the most part in private hands through passes from generation to generation.
The structure of the villas of Lucca’s own work of art: large and wooded gardens, porches, living rooms, frescoes and statues, parks with ponds, fish and lakes. In the construction of these works of urban bourgeoisie set among olive trees and vineyards, the Lucchese have changed the landscape taking as their primary consideration beauty. Visitors are in contact with a plurality of values ranging between architecture and landscape, agriculture and traditional activities, creating an atmosphere of contemplation and intimate. It is recommended to arrange a visit to the villas of Lucca according to precise locations in order to go into the tranquility and elegance of these striking residences without wandering aimlessly.