LINO TOFFOLOLino Toffolo Venetian is the only comedian to have “broken” in television and film, although the poignant link to Murano, the island where he was born and lives, made him always make unconventional choices.
To make the actor’s craft Lino just did not think, everything happened by chance. As a boy, like so many of Murano, works in glass, but also loves music and theater. Two passions that go a vent in the theater of patronage. One day a small Venetian company has the opportunity to play at the Malibran Theatre in Venice, someone will notice and ends in Milan. Together with Alberto Lupo is leading a “Carousel”, then as a cabaret find him in some clubs in Milan, including the famous Derby where toddlers also Enzo Whittaker, Duilio Del Prete, Sandro Massimini, Cochi and Renato.
In 1968, the character dell’imbriago lands successfully in television. Toffolo to open the doors of the cinema. The first film, Chimera, is a classic product of those years, a mix-sentimetal musical-comedy tailor-made for Gianni Morandi. After that debut, the actor took part in another twenty films, the most significant of which are Brancaleone at the Crusades by Mario Monicelli, eel 300 million and Blessed are the rich Salvatore Samperi, Culastrisce Venetian nobleman of Flavio Mogherini . The requests are not lacking, but Toffolo actor intelligent and tasteful, says enough. The poor quality of films that are offered (there is moving towards the comic “pecoreccio”) makes him make the decision to leave the theater and on television you see with the eye dropper.