ISOLA DELLE CORRENTIIn itself, the name Island of the Currents is already very impressive. This beautiful island is connected to Sicily by a fine language of stone, which according to the tide comes partially submerged. The island is located in the stretch of sea in front of the town of Pachino in the province of Syracuse. Pachino is known as the most common in the south of Italy, and is easily accessible from the Siracusa-Noto. It is in fact less than an hour’s drive from the beautiful city of Syracuse. The Island of the Currents enchants for its rugged beauty and unspoilt. The island is a military structure now out of use, a picturesque lighthouse and a lovely cliff. The island is not particularly rich in vegetation, which is still predominantly made by the Mediterranean, and the few houses present in it are made from the residence where once lived the lighthouse keeper and his family; also, however, are now long abandoned. The fascinating aspect of this island is that it represents a kind of ideal boundary between the Ionian Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. The currents (hence the name of the island), that are generated on meeting these two beautiful seas, give rise to foaming waves crashing on the shores of the surroundings. This place is in fact for this destination for lovers of surfing and windsurfing.
The Island of the Currents can be reached on foot along the strip of land that links to Sicily; the water in some places, however, comes up to the waist, and the current and the waves at times make the path is not exactly easy. In any case, once they arrive on the Island, the effort will be amply rewarded by the emotion you are trying to find just where the two old titans clash from time immemorial.
On the other hand, especially if you visit the Island of the Currents in the summer during their vacation in Sicily, this will be a great opportunity to make a wonderful bathroom, and pristine blue waters lapping on these shores. In this place, however, deserve the depths of diving to admire the beautiful underwater flora and fauna. In the area there are also three beautiful golden beaches to choose from depending on where the wind blows. The sea in this area is in fact rather impetuous and fickle, so for example, if the wind is raging on the island, then you can choose Puntaformiche, just prior to the Isle of the Currents. In this area, in fact, being a little ‘more sheltered, the sea is calmer.
In the area of the island of currents also pass, during the period of migration, the birds that go from the coast to the North African coast of Sicily. Observing this phenomenon, for those who have the luck, it really is a breathtaking spectacle.
Equally beautiful beaches are also nearby Pachino; however, they are alternated with majestic cliffs overlooking the sea. To the north of the country is also possible to admire a picturesque and old trap; it is one of the most popular traps of Sicily. In the sea area of this fact, thanks to the current raging, many tuna are caught annually.
Another beautiful and picturesque area of the island is the island of Capo Passero; also is where they meet and clash over the Ionian Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. The island was once connected to Sicily by a strip of sand, which now can be seen only from the bottom. Also in this island you can admire a lovely beach and amber. On the island of Capo Passero are the warehouses where they are stored the utensils of tuna Porto Palo. These warehouses are surrounded by picturesque rusty anchors that were used as weights in the seabed, to stop the tuna nets that directed towards the so-called “death chamber.”
Other noteworthy monument on this island is the majestic fortress of Charles V, which dates back to 300. It is also exciting to see the bronze statue of Maria SS. Ladder of Paradise, which protects the sea of Sicily. We highly recommend also to take a tour of the coast of this island; will be possible to explore the delicious sea caves that characterize them.