ORIGINE DEL NOME TUSCANIATuscania, as many of the surrounding towns and as typical of this area of Viterbo, stands on some (in this case, seven) of tufa rock cliffs located between the rivers and Martha Capecchio that dominate, allowing the check, the valley of Marta (ie an important road that connected and transhumance, since prehistoric times, the lake of Bolsena with the Tyrrhenian Sea, near the present Tarquinia). To cite curiosity as the mythological legends about the origin of the city: the first, reported by the Roman historian Titus Annius Luscus, would like to Tuscania founded by the son of Aeneas, Ascanius, on the site of the discovery of twelve puppies (hence the Latin name Tus -cana), while a second shows how Tuscus founder, son of Hercules and Araxe.