L'UMBRIA E LE PRIME AUTOMOBIIThe first cars were seen in Umbria at the end of the last century. The first car came in Perugia / 11 8/1898. It was a three-wheeled vehicle, which was carrying two people and a third behind. Sure Federico Benigni, Cycling sent from the store, withdrew to the station, went into town and walked the course. Maybe it was a De Dion Bouton, is not certain. Reached 40 kilometers per hour! It was bought by Ferruccio Fruttini, that in June 1900 there followed the cycling race Firenze-Acquapendente. Antonio Sereni was the second to Perugia to have a 4-wheel drive and was in the spring of 1899, a Benz to a single cylinder. The petrol then took to the pharmacy and it cost a penny to the book (but grew up right away). The first lap car in Umbria passed in May 1901 in Terni 4, 5 in Perugia: it was composed of 32 cars and there was even a fireside! The first automobile licenses were issued by the Civil Engineering of Perugia in 1902 (the engineer does not know how to drive). On September 21 of that year the first race was held in Perugia: Madonna del Piano at Gable (8 km): won one launched at 45 per hour. We also participated in motorcycles, which reached 60 times. At the end of 1903, automobile licenses
In the country, these were already 27 new monsters were stoned, because frightened chickens. In 1909, the state dictated a national regulation: 15 times in the settlements, out of 40 (reduced to 20 at night), from 100 to 200 lire fine (today: 100 or 350 thousand pounds). Cars registered in Perugia (Umbria for) was given the red number. Meanwhile, some omnibus-car service outlets to town to one of the first TodiPerugia. The first car square in Perugia was activated by Marino Rocchi in March 1912 Licences issued from 1902 to 1914 by the Civil Engineers for the province of Perugia in Umbria were 1400 By October 1914, he was deprived of the right to Perugia and had to resort to Rome or Ancona.
In 1924 he played in the Cup of Perugia, which had four editions, until 1927: it was attended by the great champions Clerici, Bommartini, Beans, Borzacchini, Maserati, Nuvolari, If Sterlich, Brilliperi, Mattresses. Was revived in 1948 as a tour of Umbria and lasted until 1954.