The landscape of the area is presented with a unique variety: the beautiful plains successive hills with verdant vegetation; the forested mountains characterized by karst phenomena stand out on transparent streams. This area is characterized by the presence of fertile vineyards, olive groves, lush forests, rivers, lakes, springs and waterfalls that fill the landscape of harmony; much of the land is inserted in the Nera River Park.
The campaign full of holm oaks, olive groves and vineyards, reveals an ancient past where the economy was predominantly rural and scattered farmhouses are there to witness the past.
The castles perched on the hills give it a fairytale-like atmosphere; in these areas there is still a balance between man and nature, a still ecologically intact.
Also available are hiking and naturalistic, free climbing on natural rock walls.
This area is characterized as the preferred destinations for lovers of sports tourism.
There are medieval villages and cities rich in history, small fortified towns and archaeological sites from Roman times.