MANGIAR NELLA SABINA RIETIAmong the typical products of Rieti find the extraordinary dop oil of Sabina often used to flavor dishes such as stracciatelle delicious soup, spaghetti carters, the devilled chicken, lamb stew
Among local desserts trios to Rieti, the copeta (nuts and honey between laurel leaves) and the Easter pizza. Spaghetti Amatriciana are the first main dish known at national level. Among the dishes, spelled the nose to Leonessa, Rieti to strengozzi, browns and rags of Antrim, the shit to Sabinese, beans and Bourbon sagne scandrigliesi. In Rieti you can also enjoy excellent fish such as trout and shrimp seasoned with a thousand sauces. Among the cheeses of Rieti pecorino cheese, fresh or seasoned ricotta, especially the “flower spring” Lioness of saffron.