Forza creatriva e innovatrice

Foto01-ManifestoThe Manifesto “Nostra Italia” takes origin in the heart of Nicola Crepaldi, Venetian, been born in 1969, for a long time professionally in the world of the tourism. Since child, living in the magic and sparkling Venice, and enjoying some marvelous fruits of the famous one “Italian miracle”, Nicola Crepaldi develops an almost innate attraction for the beauty, the liberty, the creativeness so typical of that epoch. Cradled by the notes of Adriano Celentano, Franco Battiato, Lucio Dalla, Domenico Modugno and Giacomo Puccini, animated by the images of Alberto Sordi, Vittorio De Sica, Vittorio Gassman and of Sofia Loren, inevitably its run of growth flows in what it contains in itself charm, autonomy and discovery: the trip. The trip as internal growth as wealth of which to enjoy for the whole life, is what it drives him/it in the run that he/she sees him/it become technical manager and president of tour operator and experienced organizer of trips of group, with a solid background in the cultural and religious tourism. Nicola Crepaldi, deep expert of Italy with his/her immense shines but also with his/her unexpressed potentialities, innovating entrepreneur and man of marketing, it sets the bases and it develops the project that wants to belong to the “rebirth” of our Country: “Nostra Italia”

Foto02-ManifestoTo stick from immediately to the project “Nostra Italia” is Mario Tozzi, Roman, been born in 1959, alumnus in classical maturity and graduate in Sciences Geologiche with 110/110 and praise. Currently it is the First Researcher to the National Research Council (Institute of Environmental Geology and Geo-engineering) and it deals him with the geologic evolution of the Mediterranean oriental center, studying the deformations of the rocks to reconstruct its history in the most distant past. It is author of over 50 scientific publications on Italian and international magazines, of over 50 congresses national and international communications, of guides geologiche and of dispensations for the university courses. From 2006 to 2011 He has been President of the corporate body National Park of the Tuscan archipelago. It belongs to the Scientific Suggestion of the WWF. He has conducted on the broadcasting stations television Italian different programs: currently “Atlantide” (La7); “La Gaia Scienza” (La7 – 2009-2010); “Terzo Pianeta” (RaiTre – 2007-2008) ; “Gaia – il pianeta che vive” (RaiTre – 2000-2007); “King-Kong” (RaiTre – 1999-2000); besides 10 documentaries of 30′ “La Via Francigena” for Rai Giubileo-RaiTre. He has conducted besides for RRRai IIIInternational a series of 120 documentaries of 15′ of the series “Che bella l’Italia” (city give and Italian towns) and 8 documentaries of 45′ from some great Italian cities. He has conducted besides “G come Geologia”, documentary of 30′ for the Region Trentino-Alto Adige and others 10′ “Frammenti di Terra” from Italy departing from daily objects to reach explanations geologiche and naturalistic. Currently he writes on La Stampa in Turin, on Vanity Fair, on Natura and on the magazine of the Coop Consumatori. He has collaborated with National Geographic (2000 -2011), Newton, Oasis. How scientific popularizer has developed different projects on the communication of environmental themes of strong and often dramatic actuality, what the energetic saving, the recycling of the refusals, the water saving and the ecological situation of the planet that are translated in as many stage lectures of strong spectacular impact. It holds lectures and seminars in Italy.