Mario Tozzi is the 1° Researcher at the CNR (National Research Council) and deals him with the geologic evolution of the center-oriental Mediterranean. It is author of over 50 scientific publications on Italian and international magazines. It belongs to the Scientific Suggestion of the WWF. You/he/she has conducted on the broadcasting stations television Italian different programs: currently “Atlantide” (La7); “La Gaia Scienza” (La7 – 2009-2010); “Terzo Pianeta” (RaiTre – 2007-2008); “Gaia – il pianeta che vive” (RaiTre – 2000-2007) and others..

“From 1979 to today the Unesco has individualized in Italy well 47 sites that for their natural and cultural characteristics they enter the World Patrimony of the humanity to full title. Paintings give rocky of the Valcamonica in the Baroque cities of the Val of Known, from the suburb marinaro of Chioggia to the trullis of Alberobello, from the historical center of Pienza to the stones of Matera, Italy is the nation cha it boasts the greatest number of protected sites to the world. This patrimony cannot continue to be abandoned, neglected or straight destroyed but they must be valorizes because continuous to be a source of cultural wealth and because also becomes always a source of economic wealth. This is one of the points hinge of the project Our Italy and of his/her portal that tells the art, the culture, the history and the Italian nature. Our Italy wants to turn on the reflectors really on those extraordinary wonder that our Country offers, from a side to stimulate forms of more responsible tourism but from the other also to show, to sustain and to unjustly promote that neglected places and not for this less marvelous ones, that you/they can be a source of attraction for the emergent countries and for the new markets of the tourism: China, India, Russia, the South America, the Arabic countries. Our Italy is not only however art and culture. In fact, for a long time, Italy is synonymous above all of creativeness and the concept of Made in Italy it expresses above all the success that our industry, our craftsmanship, our enogastronomia has known how to conquer all over the world. mariotozziA conquest at all discounted and certainly not easy that has been reached through a long job, heavy work and as passion. A passion that Our Italy wants to put to the center of the attention to valorize in corrected way the Made in Italy.
The portal represents the point of contact between firms and markets, the place where productive realities can tell, the virtual space for a contemplated promotion and effective. Inside the portal the protagonists are the same entrepreneurs that, through of the contemplated reports and very punctual, they tell the history of themselves, the present and the future inserted, however, inside the story of the territory for a really effective promotion of the Made in Italy. All this, obviously, in the cultural and natural context of every of the Italian regions.”

Best regards
Mario Tozzi