Dear Friends,
I am Maurizio Fondriest born in Cles, a small paesino in the province of Trento, on January 15 1965. In this first part of my life I have had the fortune to devote me to my great passion: the bicycle. With her I have turned in long and in wide Italy and I think that few have had, as me, the great fortune to live and to admire the nature of our regions and to feel fierce to belong to such a marvelous earth. I strongly believe in a run of exploitation and rediscovery of our traditions, of our history, of our culture and of the as present human resources in our beautiful Country. For this reason I have decided to actively participate supporting the project “Nostra Italia”.

In the twelve professional seasons I have conquered 69 victories in competitions on road. I have won a world championship to alone 23 years (1988) and I have been awarded the World Cup for well 2 times in 1991 and in the 1993. I have won the mythical Milan San I Row of 1993 and I have been awarded during the career professionistica an innumerable series of successes both in the classical runs and in the tappes of the Turn of Italy and the Tour de France. I remain, today as then, above all a great impassioned of the sport of the pedal. Many remember me for my particular attention and meticulousness in the technical part of the bicycle, for the position in saddle, and for the search of the geometry “perfect.”

Today I am following, “Fondriest”, the mark “racing” entered to belong to the group in 2006, that you/he/she has contributed to the clean change of business mentality in action inside Cycles Esperia. The market of the bicycle is in fact assisting to a notable increase of the tied up strategic sensibility to the production and marketing of bicycles of tall range. This has allowed to assemble part of the resources to the creation of looms and bike from the elevated performances, you devote to the agonistis and the impassioned ones some two most demanding wheels. From when I have started to put my name around first looms, I have understood that every single detail of the bike would have had to mirror my personality and my professionalism. In these years I have recorded numerous brevets because I have always believed in the search and in the development and every idea of mine that it is concretized it is a new challenge that attends me.

After having crossed a professional career devoted to the sport, I have chosen to set to the first place the values of the family, that I repute very important a today’s day. This doesn’t mean that I have abdicated the bicycling but that my great passion is finding its continuity, over that in the mark “Fondriest”, also in to follow numerous young bicyclists that draw near to the world of the bicycle and to which want to transfer my makeups, my suggestions and experiences accumulated in years of efforts, trainings, sweat and victories. To accompany the new generations along this great adventure this is the future that I see for me Maurice Fondriest.

Fondriest bici

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