MODENA, ENZO FERRARI IL MITOEnzo Ferrari was born in Modena 18 February 1898 the age of ten his father Alfredo, manager of a local factory of metal processing, leads him along with his brother Alfredo Jr. at Bologna, for a car race. After seeing other races, Enzo Ferrari decided that he wants to become a race car driver. The education of Enzo Ferrari is quite incomplete, which will be a source of regret in his later years. 1916 is a year that sees the tragic death, a short distance from each other, father and brother. During the First World War is concerned with zoccolare the mules of the army and, in 1918, risked their lives because of the terrible influenza epidemic that struck in that year the entire globo.Viene hired by CMN, a small car factory converted by the end of the war. His duties include driving test which carries with joy. E ‘in this period that approaches seriously at the races and in 1919 took part in the Targa Florio coming ninth. Through his friend Ugo Sivocci works Alfa Romeo has introduced some new cars for the Targa Florio 1920 Ferrari driving one of these cars and came in second. While it is Alfa Romeo, he becomes one of the protected Giorgio Rimini, one of the key aides of Nicola Romeo. In 1923, competes and wins on the circuit Sivocci in Ravenna where he met the father of the legendary Italian ace Francesco Baracca the First World War who was struck by the courage and audacity of the young Ferrari and presents the rider with the symbol of the team’s son , the famous prancing horse on a yellow shield. In 1924 he seizes his biggest victory by winning the cup unripe.
After other successes is promoted to pilot officer. His racing career continued, however, only in local leagues and with second-hand equipment; finally has the opportunity to drive a new car to the most prestigious race of the year: the Grand Prix of France.
In this period he married and opened an Alfa dealership in Modena. In 1929 he opened his own company, the Scuderia Ferrari. Is sponsored in this endeavor by the wealthy textile industrialists of Ferrara, Augusto and Alfredo Caniano. The main objective of the company is to provide mechanical support and technical assistance to wealthy buyers of Alfa Romeoche use these cars for competition. Tightens an agreement with Alfa Romeo which is committed to providing technical assistance also to their direct customers.
Enzo Ferrari holds similar contracts with Bosch, Pirelli and Shell.
To boost his “stable” of amateur pilots, Giuseppe Campari convince to join his team, which was followed by another coup with the signing of Tazio Nuvolari. In its first year the Scuderia Ferrari boasts 50 riders both full-time and part-time!
The team competes in 22 races and earn eight wins and several good placings.
The Scuderia Ferrari becomes a case study, strong also the fact that it is the largest team put together by one person. The pilots do not receive a salary but a percentage of the premiums wins, even if any technical or administrative authority of the pilots is heard.
Everything changes when the Alfa Romeo announces his decision to retire from racing since the 1933 season due to financial problems. The Scuderia Ferrari can do its real entry into the world of racing.
In 1935 he signed for Scuderia Ferrari French driver Rene Dreyfus who first drove for Bugatti. He is struck by the difference between his old team and the Scuderia Ferrari and speaks thus: “The difference between being part of the Bugatti team and Scuderia Ferrari is like between night and day. [...] With Ferrari I mastered the art of business in racing, because there is no doubt that Ferrari is a great moneymaker. [...] Ferrari Enzo loves racing, there’s no doubt about this. Nevertheless unable to dissolve everything to end the persecution of his that is to build a financial empire.’m sure I will one day become a great man, even if the cars were to send in a track day did not bear his name anymore. ”
Over the years, the Scuderia Ferrari drivers which can boast great Giuseppe Campari, Louis Chiron, Achille Varzi and the biggest of all, Tazio Nuvolari. During these years, the team is faced with the power of the German teams, Auto Union and Mercedes.
After the war, Enzo Ferrari builds its first car, and the Grand Prix of Monaco in 1947, makes its appearance Tipo125 with the 1.5-liter engine. The car was designed by his old collaborator Gioacchino Colombo. Ferrari’s first victory in a Grand Prix in 1951 at the British Grand Prix where the Argentine Froilan Gonzalez to victory the car stable Modena. The team has a chance to win the World Championship, the possibility that fades in the Spanish Grand Prix when the team opted for Pirelli tires: the disastrous result allows Fangio to win the race and his first world title.
The sports cars are a problem for the Ferrari racing victories which fail to satisfy them fully. Its main market, however, is based on the race cars in the previous year sold to individuals. Ferrari cars become so common in all major sporting events including Le Mans, Targa Florio and the Mille Miglia. And it is precisely at the Mille Miglia Ferrari that grabs some of his greatest victories. In 1948 Nuvolari, already in poor health, is registered to take part, even if his physique can not stand up to such an effort. At the stage of Ravenna Nuvolari, from that great champion who has been, is already in the lead and has even an advantage of more than an hour compared to the other pilots.
Unfortunately Nuvolari is “beaten” by brake failure. Exhausted, he is forced to get out of the car.
During this period, Ferrari began producing the famous Gran Turismo designed by Battista “Pinin” Farina. The victories at Le Mans and other races in the long run make the famous brand Modena worldwide.
In 1969, Ferrari is facing serious financial efforts. The cars are now highly sought after but fail to produce enough to meet the demands and at the same time to keep their programs on the competitive front. Help comes in the Fiat and the Agnelli family. And ‘because of the agreement with the FIAT empire that Ferrari is criticized for not being able to dominate the much smaller British teams.
In 1975 the Ferrari comes to a revival in the hands of Niki Lauda winning two titles of World Champion and three-Constructors Championship titles in three years.
But that is the last major victory. Enzo Ferrari never be able to see his world champion team; died 14 August 1988 at the age of 90 years. The team continues, however, in order also thanks to two big names, Alain Prost and Nigel Mansell. In 1993 he joined Todt as Sporting Director directly from the direction of the Peugeot team that won the 24 Hours of Le Mans and goes behind Niki Lauda as a technical consultant.
The arrival in 1996 of two-time world champion Michael Schumacher and, in 1997, Ross Brawn and Rory Byrne from Benetton complete one of the greatest team in the history of Formula One.