Placed in a position where you can enjoy a splendid view on the Gold Coast, and an important tourist destination, was once hunting place of Altavilla. Gained in prestige when Wilhelm II ordered the construction cattedrale.
MONREALE_2Il the cathedral is a superb example of Norman architecture (1174-89), with its facade decorated with motifs of interlaced arches in the high, flanked by two bell-towers and preceded by a portico century under which opens the arched portal (panels of the doors in bronze attributed to Bonanno Pisano, 1186). On the left side figure another bronze door, the work of Barisan Trani (1179). The three-nave interior is decorated with mosaics cycles of a religious nature, the work of local artists (secc. XII-XIII). Arabic influence is of the adjoining cloister of the Benedictine monastery (XII century), surrounded by a portico with arches supported by columns and contrarchi of various shapes.