The Brianza, north of the metropolitan and industrial Milanese, it is not a geographical area corresponding to a specific territorial entity, but a great historical region whose boundaries are still under discussion, although very strong in its inhabitants a sense of membership. To be part of this territory we find the city of Monza, the third largest municipality in the region by population after Milan and Brescia. The city is located in the high plains of Lombardy at the southern edge of the Brianza; its territory is crossed from north to south by the River Lambro. At the entrance to the north in the historic center, between the streets and Aliprandi Zanzi, a fork in the river artificially created for defensive purposes in the early decades of the fourteenth century gives rise to Lambretto, which rejoins the main course of the River Lambro its exit from south ‘ancient city walls (now completely demolished). Another stream, which is also artificial, is the Villoresi Canal, built in the nineteenth century, passing through the territory of Monza from west to east crossing the Lambro to the northern boundary of the district of San Rocco.