Legend has it that ran aground Naples is where the siren Partenope, lasciatasi die of love because Odysseus had not responded to his singing. Today the city shows signs of history in its urban layout from the capital of the kingdom in its beautiful churches and Baroque splendor that characterizes it. Base in Naples we will discover the ancient Campania Felix, Campania Terra Fortunata then called the work, which housed the wealthy cities like Capua, Nola, Naples, Pompeii in the middle of fertile crops thanks to the mild climate and volcanic soil created by the eruptions of Vesuvius. I’ll climb up the slopes to lean out of the crater and then visit the archaeological site of Pompeii, whose existence stopped dead under a blanket of lapilli erupted on 24 August 79 AD But Vesuvius still beats with secondary phenomena such as those that give rise to the fumaroles of the Regional Park of Campi Fregrei near Pozzuoli, a unique landscape of Dante’s Inferno. Cape Misenum, Cuma, Sybil’s Cave, Lake Averno are some of the places the rest of the park related to myths and historical memories. From the charm of history and mythology to that of a natural landscape unparalleled offered by the Sorrentine Peninsula where it says the sirens would attract sailors with their irresistible song.