NINO MANFREDISaturnino Manfredi, for all Nino, was born March 22, 1921 in Castro dei Volsci (Frosinone). He graduated in law in Rome and later enrolled at the Academy of Dramatic Arts. In 1945 he made his debut in the theater and in the course of the long apprenticeship on the stage works, among others, Eduardo De Filippo and Orazio Costa, who always consider his master. From the beginning Manfredi spans all fields of entertainment, from the variety on the radio, television dubbing. The feature film debut with ‘Back to Naples’ and ‘Santa Chiara’ in 1949, is not the most exciting. But Manfred is not discouraged and continued his apprenticeship, establishing itself in the meantime with specks television and theater. Success comes at the end of the 50s with a large gallery of characters, all representatives of the vices and virtues of Italy’s boom, from gray bureaucrat home and office of clerk (Gianni Puccini, 1959) to the fraudulent advertising of I Knew Her Well (Antonio Pietrangeli, 1965). Between meetings the happiest in his career as an actor, those with Nanni Loy (‘The father of the family’ and ‘Café Express’), Luigi Comencini (the television ‘Adventures of Pinocchio’, 1972), Luigi Zampa (‘Roaring Twenties’), Dino Risi (‘Straziami but kisses saziami’) and Luigi Magni (‘In the year of the Lord’). But it is Ettore Scola to offer him the role, for many, the most successful: a moving fellow communist idealist We were there in friendship beloved, starring Vittorio Gassman, Stefano Satta Flores and Stefania Sandrelli. Manfredi engages, from time to time, also as a director. Few films but almost all highly successful. “The adventure of a soldier,” based on a story of Calvin, is the most beautiful of the episodes of the film sketch ‘tough love’; with ‘By the grace received’, which he directed and starred in, moved Cannes and won the Palme d’Or in 1971 for the best first work. In 1981 he was a writer, director and performer of ‘Naked woman’. Perfectionist acting, on the verge of “fussiness,” Manfredi has spanned half a century of Italian cinema with discretion and humility. It is with humility that he never disdained to interpret roles for television, from fiction to commercials Lavazza Coffee. In addition to the unforgettable Geppetto Pinocchio Comencini ciociaro the actor has achieved a great success in 1992 with the drama “Commissioner in Rome” and in 1999 with the series “Linda and the sergeant.” In 2003 he returned to the cinema to take on the role of the Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca in the end of a mystery by Miguel Hermoso. The film, winner of the Moscow Film Festival, was presented at the 60th Venice Film Festival in Venice, on the occasion of the delivery of the Pietro Bianchi Award Nino Manfredi. Nino Manfredi died in Rome on 4 June 2004 weakened by the stroke which had affected him in July 2003.