The National Park of the Gulf of Orosei and Gennargentu was established in 1998. Surface of the protected area amounts to 73,935 hectares (but the boundaries have not yet been defined), in the province of Nuoro. It includes the most important mountain system of Sardinia with sides that slope down to the shores of the east coast of the island. And ‘considered by many the most beautiful and wildest national parks national parks Italian: encloses the mountain and coastal areas of high quality and almost untouched. Includes Gennargentu that slopes towards the east and south into the deep valley of the river Flumendosa; this mountainous area, the largest mountain complex of Sardinia, it reaches its maximum height in Punta Paulinu (1,792 m), Bruncu Plug (1,829 m) and Punta La Marmora (1,834 m). The protected area is completed with the mountains of Barbagia and Supramonti, rich in karst, and then come down to the sea with the high and wild coast of the Gulf of Orosei, pierced by caves and engraved by “codule”, famous the Moon of Sisine and Fuili, narrow valleys carved by water. This stretch of coast, about 40 km no human settlements crystal clear creeks, small white beaches, sea caves and overhanging rocks on the beach (Cala Luna, Cala Sisine, Grotta del Fico, Cala Mariolu, Biriola and Goloritzè dominated by an impressive 114 meters high obelisk natural World Heritage Site since 1997).