CASTELLO INCANTATOSince ancient times Syracuse has been a popular stop for travelers and also today confirms its authenticity in the eyes of those who pass by here. Its archaeological and artistic heritage and is a perfect summary of the history of the whole of Sicily: the whole city, UNESCO world heritage site since 2005, offers visitors the chance to travel in time without stopping. You will be fascinated by the imposing fortifications dell’Eurialo or the “Temple of Apollo”, fascinated by the columns of the Temple of Athena set like precious stones inside the Cathedral, intrigued by the myth of the beautiful Arethusa or the genius of Archimedes, enraptured by the magic atmosphere of the Greek Theatre, one of the largest and best preserved in the world, where you can still relive the magic of Greek tragedy. And again, spellbound by “Latomies” stone quarries of ancient Syracuse and the legendary Ear of Dionysius. All this just to get you started. Why visit Syracuse is a continuous alternation of sensations.
Birthplace of St. Lucy, whose drama “The Burial” was painted by Caravaggio, Syracuse mainland also offers important evidence of one of the oldest Christian communities in Western Europe. And ‘possible to walk in the footsteps of St. Paul, including the catacombs, visiting the Shrine of Our Lady of Tears art and places of martyrdom of St. Lucia.
The collections of the museums in the city are truly enviable: in the splendid exhibition of the Regional Museum Paolo Orsi you can admire the art and masterpieces from prehistoric to Roman times, while the collections of medieval and modern paintings are housed in the elegant Galleria di Palazzo Bellomo . Archimedes also found again in his home in Syracuse. In the square that bears his name is the Arkimedeion, an innovative multimedia museum dedicated to the life, works and studies in the Syracuse area most famous of all time.
The island of Ortigia is the beating heart of the entire city: just one square kilometer and yet a lovely treasure trove of natural beauty and ready to amaze you. Temples, castles, stately homes and ancient baroque churches determine the charm of the islet dedicated to Artemis. Pleasant is lost in its narrow streets, in search of rare atmospheres elsewhere lost here and that are perceived more lives than ever before. Ortigia affects just its human dimension, its tranquility and its small but heady market it resides the soul. Among the stalls of fruit and vegetables, cheese shops, local produce and fish stalls are concentrated in perfect harmony, all the colors, the flavors and aromas of this enchanting land you can enjoy the evening in typical local restaurants or at its finest restaurants.
From the terrace of Arethusa, especially at sunset, overlooking the whole city from the ruins of the Greek fortress dell’Eurialo, Etna, his gaze linger on the elegant fortress Frederick Castle Maniace, extreme southern tip of Ortigia, which seems to caress the blue waves of the sea.
The basement of Ortigia wind telling the secrets of its people and jealously guard other treasures: the “Bath Hebrew” in the medieval heart of the Giudecca, and the Hypogeum of Piazza Duomo, the theater of local chronicles of the Second World War. The gaze is lost also nell’ondoso Plemmirio, now a protected marine area, ideal for excursions by sea and by land, and which is located close to the beaches of Syracuse, Arenella, Fontane Bianche, Ognina and Terrauzza.
A few kilometers from the city another magic place: the “source Cyane,” witness of the love between the beautiful nymph and Anapo. Here we recommend the ascent of the river by boat, between individual pieces of papyrus to the source. Papyrus in Syracuse is still preserved the memory, not only in its little museum as well as high-quality that faithfully following the recipe of the ancient Egyptians, reproduces the beauty of the city aretusea in watercolors on papyrus paper original.
Syracuse is all this and so much more: a continuous discovery, among people warm and welcoming.