PARCO NAZIONALE DEL CIRCEO_2Established in 1934, the National Park covers 80 km2 and in 1979, there was created the nature reserve called “Pantani Hell.” It can be visited on foot or by bicycle, but preserves the areas to which can only be accessed with permission. It includes the pontine lakes, dunes and the promontory of Circeo, dolomite and limestone overlooking the sea and a hundred caves, produced by abrasion marina, where they found several artifacts from the Paleolithic. It is part of the Park since 1979 the uninhabited island of Zannone, which belongs to the group of islands of Ponza. Entirely mountainous, culminating at 194 m in the Monte Pellegrino. The promontory of Circeo, Sabaudia forest, and the coastal dune lakes of Fogliano, Monaci, Caprolace and Paola are the natural habitats of this park was established in 1934. Interests are therefore manifold: in addition to the natural, it must be remembered palaeoethnological those represented by the caves that open coasts and who have returned, along with artifacts, including the remains of the Man of Circeo. The road that runs along the dune and the one that reaches the summit of the promontory allow a comfortable visit also in the car, while a good network of trails allows a deeper understanding of the nature of the park. The four lakes are home to a rich bird life: to indicate that cormorants wintering in large numbers. An integral aspect of what must be the landscape before the reclamation of the Pontine Plain is represented by the “pools”, which open stretches of water in the forest of Sabaudia. San Felice Circeo and Sabaudia are the basis for the most comfortable wading Park.