Parco Nazionale del Gran ParadisoThe Gran Paradiso National Park, the first national park established in Italy, covering a vast area of high mountains, the valley floor between 800 meters and 4,061-meter summit of Gran Paradiso. Larch and fir trees, vast alpine meadows, rocks and glaciers create the ideal setting for the life of a rich and varied fauna and for a glimpse of the wonderful mountain world. The Gran Paradiso National Park protects an area characterized by a predominantly alpine type environment. The mountains of the group have been in the past carved and shaped by large glaciers and streams that created the current valleys. In the forests of the valley the most common trees are larches, mixed with spruce, pine and fir more rarely white. As you climb the slopes the trees give space to the vast alpine meadows full of flowers in late spring. Going up and up to the 4061 meters of the Gran Paradiso are the rocks and glaciers that dominate the landscape.