Still surrounded by pine trees loved by D’Annunzio, the most important city of the Abruzzo for trade and industry lies at the mouth of the river Pescara.
Born on the foundations of Aternum, port for Italic Vestini and Marrucini, the city took the name of Piscaria only nell’Altomedioevo. Pescara ceased to be a simple fortified citadel at the end of the” 800, when the dismantling of the castle and the building of the railway they walked urban development. The current appearance is that of a bustling modern city lying neatly on the waterfront and adorned with beautiful beaches. The picturesque port-channel is always busy with fishing boats. Among the few monuments worthy of interest worth mentioning the House of G. D’Annunzio and the Museum of the People of Arbuzzo.