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To those who wonder why a laboratory high school should be located in Cernobbio and not in sophisticated fashion streets of Milan, New York or London is easily understood.
Cernobbio is strategically positioned in terms of viability: the motorway network allows you to reach Milan, the airport of Malpensa, Linate and Lugano in half an hour.

Local scenarios were already known and appreciated in Roman times thanks to the Via Regina that passed through here, to combine cultural and economic boundaries.

Its natural and cultural heritage, the exhibition grounds of Villa Erba the wide range of quality hotels which for two centuries attracts not only tourism but conventions of culture and economy, create patterns of contact between various characters.

Among the many compliments that Cernobbio received over the centuries, the palm of the more beautiful it is without a doubt the journalist-writer Herb Caen, Pulitzer Prize winner, who wrote “The point of the border between heaven and earth has never been defined but could be right here. ”

The Cernobbio today is the result of a historical process supported by way of men and women determined to make the city more beautiful for yourself and guests from near and far.

What could be better than offering the tourist a service that can allow him to continue to treat the image even on the place of residence or work despite the distance from their home or office.

These are the reasons which Orefice suggested to maintain their operational headquarters in Cernobbio.
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Origins – In 1856, an ambitious young man with a few years of playing behind decides to start his own business and opened a tailor’s tailored suits for men in Cernobbio, on Lake Como.
Even then, the lake was frequented by vacationers important, most of the aristocracy and haute bourgeoisie Milanese, and the young man sees in the world the ideal customer of his craftsmanship.
It’s called Peter Goldsmith and 26 years old. His insight is immediately rewarded by the appreciation of many elegant gentlemen and his fame beyond the borders of the lake and begins to assert itself in Milan. And just in Milan on forward-looking Peter sends to shop his son Cesare, in the most prestigious couture of Milan: Prandoni. Caesar puts to good use the experience in Milan and continues with enthusiasm his father’s business.

The wars – in turn Cesare leaves the tailoring to another Peter, his son, who will drive the tailoring tormented by two wars in the twentieth century. We passed many anecdotes of Peter in the difficult years traveled on foot miles to satisfy their customers with timely and accurate, as always wants to rule the house.

The boom years – Lino In 1948 up to take command of tailoring that goes with talent and passion. “I was born a tailor …” says to himself, feeling fully realized only with a needle and thread in hand. To which he added the cultivation of lemons, a hobby full of poetry that suits him. His passion for quality work becomes a defense and an appreciation of craftsmanship even in the years when the economic boom rewards the value of modernity standardization. Lino knows and hopes that the good taste and style are timeless and that there will always be the right customers who want something special, just sewed for him. He’s right, and the name of the Tailoring remains in the elite of the workshops.

Here comes the fifth generation – In 1986, Cleto comes into play, which ranks after the right (also in London and Milan), follows the path of the ancestors assuming the responsibilities of the fifth generation. Today Cleto, with her sister Silvia, is at the helm of tailoring, while Lino alternates presence in tailoring the cultivation of lemons, respecting another brave and intelligent family tradition: giving space and power to the new generations in the correct belief that a ‘firm can not be a monument to one man. Cleto has a difficult task: to preserve traditional values ​​and standards of excellence confronting innovation, disruptive in all productive sectors, and with modernity that forces companies to reconsider everything from methods of production to marketing, from research customers the very notion of the market. Cleto gave himself a goal: to compete in the high end of the range in the world, and to introduce innovation while continuing to work in a traditional way in Cernobbio. And with the goal of becoming “the world’s tailoring,” Cleto Orefice has patented a new system of remote sensing measurements, but also the shape of the body and the posture of the client. And ‘protocol TAILOR NET that already has a primary location in Moscow and will soon be available.

Today Sartoria Orefice offers a range of solutions to meet all requirements for men and women. Personalized service, tailored and respect for the needs of the customer are always the main goal.

The pleasure of tailoring is the possibility of awarding of the time. During the first meeting we talk about the needs and tastes of the customer; you choose the fabrics and are reported measures. A magical moment to rediscover themselves and their tastes.
• ALL ABOUT FIT garment is made entirely in the laboratory of the office, the tailor controls the entire cycle of production, choice of materials, test socket and tests; is the product of greater prestige and quality.
• SEMI BESPOKE head is orderly and controlled in tailoring but realized in a more industrial; This allows you to practice somewhat lower prices while still providing quality craftsmanship and customization.
• Accessories TAILOR possibility of creating tailor-made shirts, sweaters, shoes, ties, logoed silver buttons, belts (fine leather with silver buckles), vests in crocodile and deer, jewelry.

For those who flits on the lake but appreciates and requires a well-dress, boutique offers the same quality of service and tailoring with clothes ready to wear, made ​​by the best Italian artisan. The experienced eye of a tailor is always there to assist and advise any corrections.
• Formal: dresses, shirts, shoes, scarves, sweaters, belts, ties.
• Informal clothing: jeans, coats, jackets, pants, sweaters.
• Some homes offer: Mandelli leather jackets, pants Rota, Loyal knitwear, jeans Plot Rossa.

A comprehensive range belonging to the history of Tailoring: Tight, Tight middle, gray and blue dress, tuxedos, Frack. The need to experience the excitement of an evening or a time.

In the traditional process while also innovation to meet the needs of “modern live.”
• TREATMENTS innovative finishes that allow you to live more comfortably formal attire; example, the sweating problem is resolved with treatment with nanotechnology on the linings.
• RENOVATION end of season offers its customers the service of washing, checking and reconditioning of the head, ready to be worn in the new season.
• THE SERVICE DELIVERY we move on appointment in the required place in Italy and abroad.

• As in past centuries within the tails of the two pockets tight are applied, the time used for storing guns duel.
• The fabrics are left to stand for long periods, even years, allowing the fibers to resume their original positions after the physical tension of weaving. The rest of the fabric gives the best performance in the box and use.
• Many other curiosities and anecdotes are present in our historical archives.

After years of massification, dressing the common market returns to give voice to the personality and character of the individual.
We started observing first physical fitness through sport and, later, with the power tailored to the needs of health, taste and objective. Respect their needs and tastes is then passed to the living: homes, travel etc. and today it is coming to comply with its own personality even in appearance, no longer wearing a uniform but responding to our “I” saying who we are and what we want to communicate. Hence the need to get more in detail to capture every nuance and the ability to be interpreted and carried on the practical side and working: clothing.
The customer today asking to be the author of his own style and help him to know the ways. To better express what he feels and who he is.
It is also attentive to:
• “culture” understood as a historical appearance and quality of the product that conveys a value is not economic but also customization of the supplier;
• “health” from the fibers dyes, yarns everything is constantly under the watchful eye of prevention. Wearing a garment dyed in a correct and healthy prevents allergies or possible secondary consequences. Who would let their child bring in his mouth something evil because it is produced illegally.
• “emotional” the lever of the sale is the emotion, we have everything and if we have to buy best done dreaming. A product must be able to be talked about, a tale with which to pamper yourself and make room for your dreams than to live in hectic times represses.
The confirmation came just from emerging markets such as Russia, which toltosi dust and stale Soviet apathy, han rediscovered the pleasure of its history, values ​​and satisfactions.

In all this, the clothes must adapt to the demands of modern life: lightness, speed, convenience, becoming second skin without omitting the formal function. The fabrics are embellished with finishing technology and natural as dark fabrics that reflect light like the light colors allowing you to create dark clothes and be worn even in hot areas.

The market demands to respect and help to understand each other and give it a value, who better than the “tailored” to 360 ° can respond to this need.

Our intention is to expand the market and to introduce the tailoring, not only as clothing production but also as a venue for local culture and Italian, in which the values ​​of quality, treasures of knowledge, anecdotes and stories are preserved as a jewel.
Hosting and show the laboratory as a spectacle is a form of sale designed after observing the customer: came into the store after looking careless exposure, wakes up to the sight of the door that leads to the lab, getting excited in front of the theatricality of the sound of the scissors, of ‘August silks, colors, fabrics, threads like shooting stars fell to the ground, scattered like pins shanghai on the table, the frame gown in the construction phase, the list of names of clients past and present, the disorder creative … because now the customer is entered in the soul and heart of a company.

To make a habit takes about 80h, 3 tests.
My brother used to say that the dress is not stitched but it is literally carved on the client’s body because it has to be worn as a second skin and not feel the weight.
Around the dress slowly builds the image of the client accompanying towards the personalization of every single detail:
• Covers in silk, plain or printed. Even the liner, seemingly invisible, has its weight image: when you remove your jacket if you leave it leaning against the notice given to the cheerful tone or formal jacket.
• Buttons can customize them in silver on which is engraved by craftsmen chisellers the logo or initial, sometimes the same logo is studied together.
• Slots can be colored or even made ​​with a blade of 24-carat gold produced by the second oldest company in Italy “Piana Clerico 1582.”
• Ties tailored fit, colors, patterns and customizations.
• Shoes collaborate with a shoemaker of Parma and with the same leather you can coordinate your belt and small leather goods.
• Belts also offer the possibility to replace the buckle classic with real silver jewelry where the customer chooses the leather, color, pattern and personalization on the buckle and on the stem.
• shirt with custom initial and high quality fabrics, titration of the wire (the technical term for determining the subtlety) that only 5 or 6 years ago it was unthinkable to accomplish.
• Life jackets tailored in crocodile.
• tailor-made cashmere sweaters, silk etc.
• Scarves, even custom-made, from an artisan family-run for 3 generations. Still use shuttle looms before the war. The cashmere comes from Mongolia because in this region the goats live at 5000mt. the hair must be so light and warm to allow the animal to move easily at this height and bear the cold. The wire is then passed in the type of oil and special wax to allow it to remain soft and avoid the annoying dots.

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