PROSCIUTTO PARMA_2The attention to detail and in the early stages of maturation; passion for the work done by ancient traditions and passed down from generation to generation; the balance of aromas and flavors of a rich and generous; and the quality and attention in the choice of raw material used. These are the elements that make Parma Ham one of the most representative products of Made in Italy and the most appreciated and well known in the world. Prosciutto di Parma (perexsuctum from Latin, literally dried) is a good, healthy and natural. The only ingredients are Italian pork and a pinch of salt. As always, do not use any preservatives or additives and the result is a tasty and totally natural. These two ingredients are just to add to the skill of salting and air dry and delicate aromatic Parmesan hills of the typical production area. The uniqueness of this area, an extremely limited, it is just to have the ideal climatic conditions for the natural seasoning which give unmistakable sweetness and flavor to the Prosciutto di Parma, a PDO extremely controlled and tied to a long and rigid production process that ends with careful consideration and with the ducal crown seared, an unmistakable sign that distinguishes and provides security and assurance to the consumer on the absolute excellence and authenticity of the product.