QUARTIERE DI TRASTEVERETrastevere is the Rione XIII of Rome. The name comes from the Latin trans Tiberim (over the Tiber), the name of one of the Augustan regions. Its logo is a golden head of a lion on a red background. At the time of the origins of the Eternal City area of Trastevere was a hostile land as belonging to the Etruscans, the bitter enemies of Rome and the Romans seized it by force to control the river on both sides. Its importance was primarily strategic, and was connected to the rest of the city only by a slender bridge: the Sublicio. In the Republican age the area was populated by sailors and fishermen to the proximity of the Tiber, as well as Jews and Syrians, which explains the presence of temples and places of worship east. The area started to become an integral part of the city then, becoming one of the fourteen regions divided by Augustus in Rome. It is one of the most lively, characteristic and self-sufficient city. It offers taverns, typical Roman restaurants, pizzerias, cinemas, markets, shops and boutiques of all kinds. The main places of attraction for boys and girls are especially Trilussa square, one of the most popular meeting places in Rome for the classic “Aperitivo” and Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere, where there is the eponymous Roman church.