RIMINI_2The city symbol of Italian seaside tourism sees live the quiet family pension, the long rows of umbrellas, kiosks with tortillas, with the transgressions of the most beautiful Italian clubs. Located between the hills and the sea, this city with a rich past Has always enjoyed the advantages of its location: it was founded Already in 268. C. Throughout the Ariminum had Considerable Importance Roman era, as evidenced by the still-impressive works of the arch of Augustus and Tiberius Bridge. He was later one of the five Byzantine cities, and in sec. XII Became a municipality, it surrounded it with walls and enriched by new monuments,: such as the Basilica of St. Augustine. But it is the Malatesta family, and in Particular Sigismund With His lordship enlightened, Which begins a work of profound political and cultural renewal, Has Remained unfortunately unfinished, like His Famous symbol: the Malatesta Temple.